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Are corporations by themselves the only cause of our problems?

With the following lines I try to analyze until what extent we can blame Corporations as the only actor that has been damageing the life quality of humanity. The ideas presented here were generated from the film “The Corporation” which makes a critique of the role that corporations play in our societies (Achbar, Abbott, & Bakan, 2004)
Specifically, a lot of people argue that corporations are kind of monsters which just care about generate profits for their stockholders and they do anything, from manipulate consumers, do not respect public assets and common rights to harm the environment, when they are implementing their methods to achieve their goals.
I don´t totally disagree with the last statement because it is so obvious that corporations, many times, commit abuses that go against people well being. I am not going to talk too much about this aspect because as I said before it is so easy to notice and almost everybody agrees with that point.
However, I want to see the other side of the coin. I think it is a total mistake if we just affirm that Corporations are the only ones responsible for the current world´s problems and we ignored the positive aspects that have helped to improve our lives.
There is a basic principle in economy which says that in order to be a supply, there must be a demand. So, those corporations that damage the maritime ecosystem in order to fish some animals are not doing that just because they want to, instead, because they have a great market to serve. Of course, I understand that the great majority of people are not asking to stop that industry but to regulate its functioning in order to damage the environment as little as possible, but anyway, myriads of consumers continue consuming products from the fish industry even when they know how it operates. Fortunately, it seems that consumers are getting more aware of the situation and they are starting to appreciate those companies that work under friendly-environmental guides.
Consumers are a restriction or a limit for corporations because they are indispensable for the last ones. The final goal of corporations is to generate profits, but they can, by no means, do so if they are not supported or accepted by consumers who are the ones that decide how profitable a company should be
I think it is time to recognize (as consumers) our liability in the way that our world is being managed and also be aware that consumers have great part of the solution in their hands for what I just said in the last paragraph, we are indispensable for corporations. Of course, it has to be a common effort and not just an effort of some part of the population, as it is right now, because in that way it is impossible to think that corporations are going to treat our UNIQUE world in a better way
It is said that corporations, through their advertising campaigns, manipulate consumers; it is time for consumers to manipulate corporations in order to stop the devastation of the Earth.
I invite you to don´t forget that it is thanks to corporations that there are cures for many diseases that killed millions of people in the world, it is thanks to corporations that millions of people can go to work so that feed their families, it is thanks to corporations that great part of the most wonderful world´s constructions have been carried out

Achbar, M., Abbott, J., & Bakan, J. (Directors). (2004). The Corporation [Motion Picture].

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  1. Hello partner, it seems to me, that you have a clear idea of what you are talking about. I certainly agree with you mostly in your comments. So, isn't it contradictory to be depending on corporations, trying to find a better life quality, but at the same time leading ourselves to a future disease???.
    People should recognize either to support corporations or to banned them from their lives, because believe it or not , we are building our proper ending...
    Thank you very much and keep going with those ideas , you show time spending and good effort.
    Mateo Montoya Hernandez.

  2. i agree with you in many points but it seems to me that corporations take advantage of that demand they are trying to supply because people need some of the things they produce and its that need what gives them power because why change their way of producing a certain product if it is basic for their consumers?

  3. I liked this entry a lot because i agree with you in some points. First, i think we should not only see corporations as monsters, but we should acknowledge the fact that they produce things for our well-being or just to make our life easier, so they are an important factor of our development. For us, as consumers, it is very easy to blame corporations as the only unit responsible for our current problems, but i think is time that consumers also accept their responsibility and start taking actions to try to solve current issues. I think we should be tougher with corporations and start demanding for example eco friendly products in order to help the environment.

  4. Carlos.
    This is a very interesting blog. You have very interesting points of view and also we agree with the point that corporations (enterprises) have a very important role within economies and within globalization. If there are no organizations there would not be cultural diversity....the organizations, the commerce, linkaged with economy, were the first ones that creates globalization and exchange of customs and believes.

    Nice blog...Keep with this excellent work.

  5. Carlos, I find really challenging how you manage to balance different sides of the coin. I think you have shown a constructive and critical perspective. I encourage you to use other resources such as images, etc, to make your Blog more Eye catching.